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Results-Oriented, Cost-Effective Hiring

Focusing valuable time and attention on a candidate who isn’t right for the job can prove frustrating and costly, especially when that individual is assuming a high-level role. Partnering with an experienced executive search solutions provider is the best way to avoid hiring mistakes and ensure success.

Backed by 36 years of direct industry knowledge – and more than 80 years of combined experience – Quest Consulting Services connects your company with the hard-to-find leadership and executive talent necessary to achieve operational objectives and exceed business goals.

Areas of Expertise

Real Estate Development


Our Process

A meeting is scheduled to discuss your company and your hiring needs. Quest Consulting Services invests a significant amount of time learning the full scale and scope of your business including project history, strategic direction, competition and employees. We use this information to effectively sell the benefits of working for you, and to help ensure we are targeting candidates who will best fit your company’s environment. You can help expedite this phase by providing Quest with any corporate literature prior to the meeting.

We work with you to develop a detailed job description. This helps us present the appropriate position requirements to candidates.

Quest develops a comprehensive strategy for locating and attracting candidates who will best fit your needs. This strategy includes the specific type of construction expertise required, as well as companies, potential candidates and sources to target.

We then contact prospective candidates and sources within the specific companies identified in our research. Our staff then evaluates candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as their interest level. This is perhaps the most labor-intensive phase of the search process because it requires us to sell the benefits of your company while maintaining its anonymity. We contact hundreds of professionals, some of them several times, to be confident that we have a thorough assessment of their skills and character.

Background and reference checks are conducted for the most impressive candidates. Quest objectively weighs the benefits of each candidate in relation to how he or she will complement your construction operation.

We present you with customized resumes, references and other background information on the top candidates, and you tell us which individuals you want to interview. Quest will help facilitate the interviewing process with scheduling, coordinating travel arrangements and serving as a liaison between you and the candidates.

Quest will also assist with compensation negotiations, as well as monitoring the resignation process and guiding the candidate through your official hiring procedures.

For six months following the placement, Quest will occasionally contact both you and the selected candidate to assure everyone’s continued satisfaction. If necessary, we will help resolve any areas of concern. Rest assured, however, that because of our stringent recruiting and interviewing process, our placement retention rate is excellent.